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Interactive Laser Maze
Laserlight Mission "Possible"

World‘s first TÜV-approved laser maze challenge

Laserlight Mission
Photo: Countless laser beam obstacles have to be conquered. As mobile setup or fixed installation.

Do you dare to pass the laser obstacles without touching? In the shortest possible time? This laser mission is tough! As a world‘s first Laserlight Showdesign succeeded in creating this unique game experience with TÜV-certification for unattended operation in amusement parks, museums or indoor playgrounds. Equipped with a coin acceptor this installation pays itself off in few months. This game is addictive and encourages to beat the highscore again and again.

New: The interactive laser maze "Laserlight MIssion" can now also be rented on a daily basis. Including a mobile "laser tunnel".





  • highly variable and expandable laser mission (laser maze)
  • different game variants
  • laser room can be very individual in size and orientation
  • variable number of laser beams
  • moving laser beams with programmable movement pattern (SD card slot)
  • central control unit with safety controller
  • multimedia controller (Laserlight ShowServer) for fog, sound, lighting and video effects
  • customised programming possible
  • easy to use settings menu for game parameters and effects to be modified by customer
  • power failsafe and displacement safe
  • automatic haze sensor for constant visibility of the laser beams - controling and regulating
  • new: TCP/IP remote control via network
  • made in Germany - no import system
  • TÜV laser safety certificate available (laser classes 2M and 3R alternatively)
  • worldwide installation service available

Exemplary Technical Data:

  • 18 laser sources
  • 18 laser mirrors
  • 18 laser sensors
  • 36 single laser beams
  • 3 game levels (6, 12 or 18 activated lasers) and random modes for an unique game experience
  • time logging and highscore lists for each game level
  • freely configurable penalty time for each beam contact per game level
  • settable game parameters and effect durations
  • fully automatical fog control for best visibility of laser beams in midair
  • printout of the achieved time score by receipt or label printer
  • sound and lighting effects at beam contact and new highscore
  • recognition of defects and displacement by safety controller
  • „Laser saver“ mode for prolongation of laser lifetimes
  • optional coin slot for several coin types and programmable tokens
  • capacity of around 100 persons per hour
  • TÜV-certified setup, no operator required
  • automated operation with coin acceptor



Broschure "Laserlight Mission" English (PDF)



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